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Genealogy is as old as history itself. Since the beginning of time, society has organised itself into different family groups: this classification fulfilled both the community and individual members needs.  Egyptians, Jews, Greeks, Romans, and even Bedouins, Incas and many other ancient cultures considered families, and their roles in the society, the keystone of their communities. A recognisable ancestry was a very important status symbol. Nowadays our society is still categorised by a surname-based system, starting with a school’s register. So it makes a lot of sense in our digital era to care about our family history and where our roots come from, to look deeper than simply names and dates. It is a fantastic way to know something more about ourselves.

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Family tree and family history

This service is aimed at whoever wishes to know more about their Italian ancestry and family roots. Through accurate archive research run across centuries and generations, finding men, women and stories that have been forgotten. You can choose a range of different options, from a simple family tree to complete historical research about your ancestors and the places where they lived, so that we can give you a better understanding of their past experiences that were documented.

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Genealogical researches for hereditary successions and finding heirs

This service is for everyone who has an interest in certifying family inheritance lines to find heirs, beneficiaries or to remove all doubts about estates. All research abides by Italian laws.

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Locating papers for italian citizenship

The service translates into a research for the documents certifying the Italian origin of your ancestors. These documents are necessary requirements to obtain Italian citizenship and, once the record about your ancestor is found, the certificate will be forwarded to the applicants.

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