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Frequently we may desire to know more about the history of our own town, of an historical personality that struck us, of a subject on which we are going to write a paper or an entire book, or maybe we need to organize an exhibition. It can be difficult to do an historical research: turning to a professional researcher can save time and effort.

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Thematic historical research

This service is aimed to anyone who wish to know more about the history of a certain location, a family who was particularly important for a town, a significant person that has not place in history books, or any other subject that has a history that deserves to be known.

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Historical consultation

This service is aimed to who needs to know the historical context of a book, a paper, an article that they are going to write, to be confident about the features of the historical period they want to cover. The same is for anyone who needs to set a thesis or an exhibition in its own historical period with the exact features.

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Bibliography research

Bibliographies are lists of types of papers (book, essays, etc.) which have common features, as the same subject or the same author. Bibliography research is very important for graduation thesis, books and papers to be based on grounded scientific basis. With this service you can let us take the burden of searching for books and papers, and just focus on their use for your work.

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